Hanging by a Thread

Claire and her mom have just moved back to their old hometown. Though she misses her old friends, she is happy to be reunited with her childhood best friend, Rachel. She will be starting her junior year and being best friends with Rachel gives Claire the opportunity she is looking for to fit in and finish up her last two years of high school as an ordinary, well-liked person. Claire is also happy to be back closer to her beloved, eccentric grandmother. Nana understands her granddaughter better than anyone. When Claire begins to have frightening visions, Nana is the one she goes to.

I positively adored Claire. Her personality and flair for design appealed to me in a way that’s difficult to explain. It is not that I would ever want to be seen in any of her creative concoctions; it is because she is so positive and upbeat about the results she expects. Her love for her craft shouts out from the pages, and I became infected by her zeal and passion. It is that zest that makes this little paranormal mystery so very enjoyable. I live for the stories that pull me into a character’s life, and this one certainly did that. This story is as carefully and lovingly crafted by the author as any of the young fashionista’s creations. I believe readers of any age will enjoy this story.

Book Blurb for Hanging by a Thread

The quaint little beach town of Winston, California, may be full of wholesome townsfolk, picturesque beaches, and laid back charm, but Clare Knight is about to uncover something underneath its thriving demeanor. Someone is hiding something, and it's as gruesome as the townsfolk, and their stately homes, are stunning. Amanda Stavros, fellow classmate and resident of Winston, is gone and there's no sign of her ever coming back. Everyone says she was taken and murdered, but where's the evidence? Why isn't there a single ounce of proof? And why is everyone okay with this, except for Clare?

Luckily—or as it's been turning out, unluckily—Clare possesses a gift, an ability to see visions from the clothes she works with. And since her clothes come solely from the townsfolk, Clare has become privy to some startling and disturbing memories of these townspeople. Will she uncover who killed Amanda Stavros? Or is she just moving herself up in line to be the next victim of Winston?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00