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Journey of the Damned, #2

Sydney Chance is a newly made vampire. She and Demetri Bastian, her lover and maker, are on their way to Australia. They are looking forward to a quiet, restful vacation in the remote Outback where Demetri maintains an old family homestead. They arrive only to be thrust into a perilous quest when a large group of cattle is found slaughtered. Friends arrive to help, and new friends are met in the desert. As the bloodshed and brutally escalates, the hunt commences.

Set in the Australian Outback, populated with characters that lived fully in my imagination, and filled with thrilling action and tender moments; this book held my rapt attention from start to finish. The conversations were believable and sometimes quite witty. This is the 2nd book in the Journey of the Damned series but was entertaining and surprisingly readable on its own. There were a few references made to earlier events from the first book, but they just whet my appetite, and made me more determined to read it, also. I was somewhat disappointed that Forbidden ended with a bit of a cliff-hanger, but that is alright, since I actually want to read more of this series anyway. I genuinely liked the sassiness of the leading female character, and I loved the way in which she told this story.

Book Blurb for Forbidden

Sometimes love's journey begins with a glance, sometimes with a kiss, but some journeys begin with a bite. Sydney Chance has found her eternal destiny in the arms of her lover, vampire Demetri Bastian. Their rocky beginning gives way to an adventure fitting the lifestyle of the undead. They've conquered an enemy who threatened their love and discovered powers and gifts contingent on their immortal bond. Everything is finally just as it should be until they set out for a romantic adventure in the Australian Outback. Upon their arrival, they're met with an unexpected problem, when Connor Ryan, the determined son of a human friend, sets his sights on Sydney and tempts her with more than the taste of his blood. And, after an unexpected attack by rogue vampires on a murderous rampage, their coven must unite to help Connor's family and a local Aboriginal tribe, eradicate the lethal enemy. Can Sydney fight the temptation of forbidden fruit or will bloodlust force her to betray the oath she's made to Demetri? Will an unstable lover from Demetri's past destroy more than cattle, or will her twisted agenda rip Demetri from Sydney's arms forever? The journey may have started with a bite, but it just may end with a bang. 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50