Fall of kNight

kNight Series, #2

Lycans are the secret protectors of mankind. They hunt in wolf form, hunting and killing the evil creatures that threaten humans. Julie is a feisty, young Lycan engaged to be married. She is madly in love with her husband-to-be - charismatic, handsome, and loyal Daniel. Still, she has a deep love and a strange, yet tender, attraction to Richard - a dangerous and oh-so-seductive vampire who saved her life in the previous book. When Richard is near she desires only to ease his infinite sadness and provide some relief to his tortured soul. It is at these times that Julie is desperately torn between the two men. Meanwhile, battle lines are being drawn; war is coming. Julie learns hidden, dangerous secrets about her parentage. Daniel, unwillingly, must lead his warriors in the battle but Julie, left on the home front, finds herself in a stupendous, life-threatening battle of her own.

This is the second book in the kNight series saga. It is a stand-alone book with enough back story so I felt my enjoyment of the tale did not suffer overly much since I have not yet read the debut book. The story line is intricate and compelling. It is told from Julie’s perspective throughout. She has a fresh, mostly jubilant and optimistic, but sometimes contemplative, voice that I found endearing and quite likable. The other characters, as well, were fully described and I had little trouble visualizing their actions in my mind as I read along. This provided a pleasing escape from reality. I am eager to read the next installment and will, most likely, backtrack to read the first book in its entirety so that I can get an even better defined and clearer picture of the world in which this cast of characters resides.

Book Blurb for Fall of kNight

Julie Knight thinks her life has become normal for a wolf shapeshifter . She soon finds out the rest is short lived as the werewolves return. The Lycan Clan is on the verge of a Civil war with a new group called The Dark Wolves.

But not only the werewolves have returned, so has the inhumanly beautiful vampire Richard. He's determined to have Julie...one way or another.

Julie and Daniel's love must survive in order to save the Lycan Clans from destruction and save Julie from a vampire who thirsts for more than just her blood.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00