Dead Calm

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Dead Calm

A Dylan Scott Mystery, #4

The setting for this mystery was marvelous. I had no trouble picturing the stupendous cruise ship meandering along the coast of Denmark. Cold temperatures blanketed in dark, heavy cloud cover perfectly fit with the prevalent, somber overall tone. However, the rather morose mood was broken at times by a few lighter moments which were welcome; sprinkled artfully as they were, helping to keep this mystery from ever becoming too gloomy. I enjoyed the story, though I wished the pacing in the first half could have moved along a bit more briskly. The characters have distinctive, robust personalities; that helped me significantly when trying to keep them all straight in my head. I particularly disliked the way in which Detective Scott seemed to take his family for granted, and the fact that Bev, his wife, let him get by with it more often than not.

A late night, chance conversation with the elderly, disgruntled woman who occupies the adjacent cabin, leaves a vacationing Detective Dylan Scott unable to sleep well when he retires shortly afterward. Then he is awakened by an odd noise in the wee hours before dawn. Early the next morning, the cranky neighbor is found dead in her cabin - having apparently suffered a heart attack. Detective Scott, does not accept the popular consensus and begins his own unauthorized investigation into what he is sure was a murder.

Book Blurb for Dead Calm

Murder on the Arctic Sea

Detective Dylan Scott thinks cruising well above the Arctic Circle in November is nothing short of madness. He has zero interest in seeing the elusive aurora borealis, but agrees to the Norwegian holiday to keep his wife and mother happy. At least the biggest problem he'll have to deal with is boredom. But that boredom quickly dissipates when the unpleasant elderly woman in the neighboring cabin is found dead.

Everyone thinks Hanna Larsen had a heart attack. Everyone except Dylan. Dylan is convinced there's a killer aboard the Midnight Sun—a killer who may strike again...

34,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50