Dark Side of the Moon

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Dark Side of the Moon

I found this to be a wholly enjoyable Science Fiction Mystery. Carolyn Masters, ex-FBI profiler and current University instructor, is recruited to assist Mike Cheravik in an uncommon murder investigation. Carolyn and Mike are both haunted by their pasts, but other than a shared determination to catch the killer, seem to have little else in common. This book abounds with gadgetry and processes that the author envisions for our future about ninety years hence. For example, there will be small food storage containers (Tupperware comes to mind) that self-refrigerate - how cool is that? Also, the author has created delightful and meaningful slang expressions. For example, on the moon someone from earth may be called a leadbottom or perhaps bouncer. There are many more such terms, but you should discover them for yourself.

This novel is exceptionally well-edited (I noted only a single sentence that seemed to be missing a small word), the story is complex without being overly so, and the characters were brought forth in exceptional detail from the recesses of the author's seemingly limitless imagination. For the most part, the structure was tight, though I did feel it unraveled just a bit in a few isolated places. I had fun while reading this book, there was plenty of science to go along with the fiction, but it was also surprisingly free of techno-babble - which I seriously appreciated. I look forward to reading more books from this author.

Book Blurb for Dark Side of the Moon

When history professor and former FBI profiler, Carolyn Masters took a position at Armstrong University on the moon, she thought she had left the past behind her. However, she isn’t on the moon long before she is called in to join Michael Cheravik, a rough and occasionally obnoxious former Dallas homicide detective, to investigate the death of Juan McAlister, astromechanics professor and lunar independence activist.

As the investigation progresses, they find that they must not only solve the murder, but stop a terrorist plot against earth, and maybe exorcise the demons of their past.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25