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Legend of the Ir'Indicti #1

An absolutely enchanting tale that I just couldn’t stop reading once I started. Ashe and his best friend Sali, a werewolf were such fascinating, likable characters. I easily pictured the hidden town of Cloud Chief. It became a real place in my imagination. Maybe Ashe is a bit too polite and perfect sometimes, but I adored the fact that he had caring, concerned, and actively nurturing parents. That seems to be so rare in young adult literature these days. Certainly he kept some pretty hefty secrets, but I wholly bought into why he chose to do that. At times, some scenes were so funny I laughed aloud. Amazing world-building by the author along with unusual characters I cared about make this story one of my favorites this year. Cloud Chief is a kooky name for a town, and I hope we’ll be treated to more escapades there in the near future.

The seeming ghost town of Cloud Chief, Oklahoma is actually home to a diverse group of supernatural beings. The town’s perimeter is magically protected so that it is hidden from non-supernaturals. Ashe is the young son of a shifter mother and a vampire father – specially conceived using cutting-edge technology. Unhappily, however, Ashe, so far, has not manifested any paranormal ability at all. He’s failing Transformation class, and his popularity in school is taking a nosedive. Next year he will be expelled from the community and forced to attend a human school in a nearby town. Then the murders begin.

Book Blurb for Bumble

"Ashe, no matter how hard he tried, couldn't produce a single scale, feather, talon or patch of fur."

In the paranormal community of Cloud Chief, Oklahoma, Ashe Evans is a failure. Born to a shapeshifting mother and a vampire father, he should be passing his Transformational Arts classes easily. Sadly, Ashe can't seem to become anything other than himself. Principal Billings, a werewolf, is threatening to send Ashe to a human school if he doesn't transform soon. Ashe's troubles are soon forgotten when a seventeen-year-old werewolf is found dead behind his rural home. Someone is killing those with ties to the human world and Ashe finds himself a target. Will he solve the mystery of the murders or will he become the killer's latest victim?

Bumble contains content that may be inappropriate for some young readers. It includes scientific references to reproduction, some violence and mature themes. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50