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Daughters of the Jaguar #2

Here is another lyrical and captivating story by this talented new author. After a somewhat slow start, the pacing picks up, and soon I was swept up in the events as Christian’s personal and professional life threaten to spiral out of control. Once again, like in the first book, the swamp scenes stole my breath. The sticky humidity and wild emotional release that Christian feels in the seclusion of the Everglades are portrayed with such realism that I felt mystically transported to the magical place with him as he fled each night to the isolated haven. There is enough back story for this book to stand alone, but I believe it is best to read Savage first because of the intricate relationships between the characters.

This is the second book in the Daughters of the Jaguar series. Years have gone by. Christian is a now a grown man, married, with a five year-old son. He is a prominently successful doctor but things are not going well for him. His marriage is disintegrating, and he is plagued by weird thoughts, feels twitchy, and is alarmingly aware of inexplicable changes in his body. Then, his one true love, Aiyana, re-enters his life. She begs his help to heal her young daughter. Powerless to resist their forbidden mutual attraction, he and Aiyana renew their clandestine friendship, secretly spending time together in the inky blackness of the humid nights, unencumbered by outside complications, until, maddened by jealously, Aiyana’s husband intervenes.

Book Blurb for Broken

The year is 1993.

It has been ten years since we left Christian in Savage (Daughters of the jaguar #1). He is now a grown man, eye-surgeon and a father to five-year old William.

Even though time has passed Christian hasn't aged a day. But now Christian is suddenly changing. Something is happening inside of him that he doesn't quite understand. Why are his eyes glowing? Why does he feel muscle-pain?

Meanwhile Christian is fighting for his marriage when suddenly Aiyana's prophesy comes true and she is back in his life again.

Broken is the second book in Willow Rose's series called "Daughters of the Jaguar".

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00