Blood Wish

A Centennial City Novel

Supernatural negotiator Eve Faulkner is fired after a mission to rescue the mayor's Son backfires and a secret is revealed that embarrasses the city leader. Outcast and broke, Eve accepts an extremely dangerous job with the Vampire Master, Vincent Sheridan. Eve attempts to discharge her duties in a professional manner, and not allow her growing attraction to Vincent distract her. However, with the vampires and the weres teetering on the cusp of all-out war; a monster of unknown origin loose in the sewers; and the terrible knowledge that, in just a few months, she will undergo a frightening transformation over which she has no control, Sometimes even the best intentions go awry bringing about unforeseen consequences.

From start to finish I was caught up in the action of this fast-paced urban Fantasy adventure. Eve is ultra-loyal to her friends and always follows her own moral code. With her quirky personality and irreverent humor, she is a delight to trail along after as she seems to find herself in unusual and savagely dangerous situations with astonishing regularity. I loved the interactions and banter between all the significant characters. I enjoyed the storyline tremendously, and felt the writing is creative and flows smoothly to a satisfying conclusion that still leaves me eager for the next adventure.

Book Blurb for Blood Wish

All Eve Faulkner wants to do is forget that she’s a Kumiho and live her life the way she sees fit. As a supernatural arbitrator, she considers her life to be chaotic enough without having to worry about keeping her identity a secret.

Unfortunately for her, a supposed “easy” job goes horribly wrong and a close colleague almost dies. Fired from her job, and a virtual pariah, the only person who’ll hire her now is one of the High Vampires of Centennial City, Vincent Sheridan, who wants nothing more than to jump her bones.

In between having her secret discovered by a sadistic alpha of the Were pack who seeks to use her, and finding out who’s killing people in the city sewers, Eve will come to grips with her reality and finally make peace with the person she is and will become.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50