Blood Harvest Moon

A Shapeshifter Chronicles Novella

Derek Pantera is on his way home from a fraternity party late one night. He unwisely elects to take a shortcut recommended by a friend and is disconcerted to find himself on an isolated, lonely stretch of road. Suddenly a man is in the road directly in front of him, Derek swerves and his car plows into a tree. Shaken, he leaves the car to assist the stranger but can find no trace of him. Derek finds an isolated farmhouse off to the side and slowly drives his battered vehicle down the long driveway. To his relief, lights are on and a beautiful young woman invites him inside, and treats his wound. What happens next has Derek questioning everything he thought he ever knew about life, and discovering a strange and wonderful new ability with Shaelyn’s help. However, other forces are also at work, and within a couple of days Derek must make a decision that will have unimaginable consequences.

This fast read is fraught with suspense and tension as the reader is swept along with Derek. The story flows smoothly all the way to its surprising and satisfying conclusion. As expected, like in most novellas, there is little time to develop most of the secondary characters, however; I feel I really got to know Shaelyn’s sister, Layla, and the greedy, corrupt, guardian, Ronlen. Shaelyn is an intriguing character, and I thought she and Derek were beautifully rendered. This is an enjoyable paranormal fantasy that will linger in your mind haunting your thoughts long after the last word is read. 

Book Blurb for Blood Harvest Moon

A sacrifice must be made....

Only a few days from the Blood Harvest Moon a coven of witches must have a sacrifice in order to maintain their immortality.

A prophesy to fulfill...

Shaelyn, a beautiful Irish witch believes a prophesy that will bring her love and destiny. Little did she realize what it would cost her.

A destiny of greatness...

Derek Panthera, a sexy but mild mannered college student has no idea how an unexpected car accident will change is his life forever. It not only leads him straight to a coven of witches who need a blood sacrifice, but will enact a change in him he is totally unprepared for.

As the destiny of Shaelyn and Derek intertwine, a battle is on to save Derek's life from a treacherous and evil curse. As the attraction between the two becomes heated, it's Shaylen who brings out the animal in Derek he didn't know existed.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00