Silver Cuffs

Upon starting this story, I was feeling a bit confused as to where the "dream like" portion of the story was going to end up. A wealthy, greedy, man named Pierce has purchased a home and property that he wants to instantly demolish in order to build more condos and make more money. A young woman named Tabitha from the local historical society of course wants to change his mind, but she eventually starts to believe it's a lost cause after a dinner meeting goes terribly bad. Pierce visits the home and in a drunk like state of dreaming, imagines himself as the previous owner Samual who was cursed with a demon who made him into a werewolf during the full moons. He dreams of his young black servant named Maggie, who cares for him, but has never gotten too close to him. They of course find their love and aim to end the curse of the wolf.

For a bit I was intrigued, yet confused as to the way the story would conclude, but upon finishing the story, I was actually quite immersed and couldn't stop reading. I had to know what happened! Especially when Pierce awoke from his dream.

It is a great story, with quite a lot of great love and erotic scenes! My imagination ran wild, thinking of the situation and the love the two main characters found for one another. Although the story is only about 100 pages long, it was filled with a great story line, romance, and suspense. Being a reader who enjoys supernatural romance, this was right up my alley.

Ms. Hill does a great job of taking the story from present day and going back in time to right after the Revolution. She makes one feel like they are watching as a "fly on the wall". Great suggested read for anyone who loves the combination of supernatural, history, and a lot of romance. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Hill's other stories!

Book Blurb for Silver Cuffs

Entrepreneur Pierce Durant is a scoundrel in every sense of the word. With plans to bulldoze a mansion belonging to a hero of the American Revolution, he doesn’t hesitate in making brash advances on a member of the local historical society who’s trying to save the house.

Tabatha Lane isn’t a woman lured by wealth and handsome looks, especially if the man has no caring in his heart. Whittle House is more than just a house filled with antiques. It holds the spirits of a courageous man-wolf and the woman who loved him. Like the Patriot who owned it, Whittle House will not go down without a fight!

Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Forever Midnight anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00