Wishing For Us

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Wishing For Us

A Danvers Novel, #9

A person's ability to expose themselves in their weakest moments is a sign of true character. Perhaps that's what I enjoy most about Ms. Landon as an author. Her knack of humanizing moments of triumph, heartache and showing how some of life's worst moments can become the most rewarding.

I'm bummed that I discovered the Danvers almost too late. Their devotion to each other whether family or friend is uplifting and the sparks they set off as they find love is irresistible. Jacob's wake - up call came in the form of a trip to Sin City. A trip to Vegas brings a tempting opportunity for a woman afraid to risk her heart and maybe the love of a lifetime for two surprise spouses. The beauty of getting to the end, is that there is always a chance to start over again.

Book Blurb for Wishing For Us

Sydney Landon—New York Times bestselling author of The One for Me—delivers a new novel of love lost and found in her popular Danvers series.

Since the loss of her fiancé, Lydia Cross has refused to allow herself to feel anything close to love. That is until corporate hotshot Jacob Hay comes to her aid outside of the Danvers International corporate headquarters and captures her attention. Too bad he doesn’t show any signs of reciprocating her feelings.

Things change when, after a rowdy Vegas bachelorette party, she wakes up next to Jacob...as his newly wedded wife! Lydia is stunned, but Jacob seems remarkably calm and isn’t inclined to end their hasty merger. In fact, day by day he gives her everything she’s been missing—especially in bed. But when the magic of Sin City fades, Lydia grows concerned she’ll find herself alone once again...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00