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Starkis Family #3

Having read quite a few of the books from Cheryl Douglas' Starkis family series convinces me that I have earned the right to name my favorite. That honor goes to Tiana. Why? In my opinion Tiana had the most growing up to do. She spent most of her life being the baby that everyone tried to protect. Her father's favorite child that almost always did what was expected of her. The one time she did rebel turned out to be with the one person she wanted to make an impression on and it didn't turn out the way she planned.

I received an ARC of Tiana in exchange for an honest review. Tiana's ability to love was what captivated me about her. She gave so much of herself to her family. Especially her father who used that to manipulate her tender heart. I don't think she was weak I just think she found it easier to allow her others to make choices for her instead of trusted that she would make the right ones for herself. In the end she had to choose her future, find happiness with the one person who understood her or give up her dreams to keep peace in her family. A beautiful story about making mature decisions in difficult situations.

Book Blurb for Tiana

Tiana Starkis is used to over-protective and over-bearing men. Her brothers and father assume they know what’s best for her. But they don’t know what or who she really wants. Blake. And she can never tell them. Because if she does, there will be hell to pay.

Blake Kessler is the guy mother’s warned their daughter’s about. He understands why his best friends are telling him to stay the hell away from their little sister, Tiana. She’s sweet and innocent. Too innocent for him. But one night changed all that and there’s no going back for Blake. Tiana is his now. Which means he has to go to war… with Tiana’s family.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00