The Royal Affair

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The Royal Affair

The Palmera Royals, #2

Every little girl loves a fairytale. From a young age we associate love with a handsome prince sweeping his unsuspecting princess off her feet. Well let me tell you The Royal Affair is not one of those tales. Marina is not afraid to speak her mind. She can take care of herself. A little heartbreak will not slow her down. Jonas is the type of person who takes responsibility for things that are not his fault and cannot be changed. Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Jane Beckenham drew me in to her modern tale of love and royalty with a twist. The idea that whether royal or common, life is never easy is the point I took away from this story. We all have different obstacles we have to conquer. The Royal Affair is the turning of a fairytale into a wishful dream. Worthy effort.

Book Blurb for The Royal Affair

She’s on his turf, but she’s not giving up the reins that easily.

The Palmera Royals, Book 2

All her life, Princess Marina Palmera toed the family line—until she fell for Jonas Wilder. Their whirlwind affair broke her heart when he left without a word.

Devastated, Marina defied convention to build her love of horses into a thriving international business. But now the bloodstock auction has brought her to New Zealand. The turf of the one man she doesn’t want to see.

Jonas was once under Marina’s exquisite spell, until a single phone call brought him back to brutal reality. While he dallied with the princess, a car crash killed his ex-wife and robbed his little daughter of her voice. Blaming himself, he has vowed that nothing will ever again distract him from caring for his child.

But when a chance meeting and the child’s love of all things “princess” draws her from her silence, Jonas will make any sacrifice to keep her words flowing. Question is, can he keep Marina in his life for his daughter’s sake—and keep his heart from tearing down the walls between them?

Warning: Contains a brassed-off princess, and a sexy Kiwi horse breeder. And a wild helicopter ride that leads to a hot night in the wilds of the New Zealand bush.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50