The Renegade Returns

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The Renegade Returns

Mill Town Millionaires

In “The Renegade Returns” Avery has lived her life in a bubble. Her main goal was to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, she lost herself along the way. Her one attempt at adventure left her with a broken heart, a bruised ego and more than a little self-doubt.

Lucas shouldered a lot of baggage when he hightailed it out of his claustrophobic life. Forced to return home and face a legacy that is fraught with emotional upheaval is not an easy task. Especially when dealing with an uncertain future.

The overall theme in this book is about how events of the past influence the choices of the future.

My opinion is that Dani Wade has a lot going for her with Lucas and Avery's romance. She treks back to events that shaped their lives in flashbacks and creates an in depth story that is well rounded and more coming of age with a hint of suspense. She deftly handled the switches and pulled me into the characters lives. Overall, she did a wonderful job with “The Renegade Returns”. This book deserves a Top Pick and 4.5 stars.

Book Blurb for The Renegade Returns

A hero's welcome… 

Champion race-car driver Lucas Blackstone made it his mission to escape small-town life and his dark family legacy. But then an injury sidelined the superstar, forcing him to return home. At least he has Avery Prescott as a physical therapist. The shy young girl is all grown up and impossible to resist. Now he's ready to have a little fun. 

Having her girlhood crush right there on her massage table is pretty awkward for Avery. But soon her teenage fantasies become reality. Will she help Luke heal, only to have him run again? Or will he choose to stay…for her?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50