The Fall of the Red Queen

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The Fall of the Red Queen

Self Made Men...Southern Style, #3

Jarrod is more than a playboy. He loves his family, hates his job and longs to make his own decisions. She's not bad just misunderstood. Focusing on her career is how Madlyn deals with emotions she doesn't want to face. Madlyn is a complex character because she thrives on manipulation and discord but as the layers are peeled back you discover a woman who wants love and acceptance. Thus the acting out.

This is a story with drama, attitude and redemption. I enjoy reading Lexxi Callahan because her stories cover a wide range of emotions but are written with sassy dialogue and provocative characters that make it easy to get caught up in her tangled web of romance.

Book Blurb for The Fall of the Red Queen

Madlyn Robicheaux earned her reputation as the Red Queen. She crushes her opponents with a calculated ruthlessness that never loses. Jared Marshall is a distraction she doesn’t want or need. Even worse, he’s a threat. If she’s not careful, he could blow the lid off everything she’s spent ten years protecting, but crushing Jared is proving as impossible as resisting him.

Jared Marshall hates being a lawyer, he’d rather play with his band at Trick’s or make cheesecake at his bakery. His one shot at avoiding the family firm rests on convincing the Red Queen to join Marshall and Marshall. But when his legendary charm fails, he falls straight through the looking glass where nothing is as it seems. And the chemistry that blows up between them exposes a shocking vulnerability that questions everything he’s ever believed about her.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00