The Bachelor Prince

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The Bachelor Prince

The Bachelor Prince gives readers an unadulterated look at love in all its beauty and heartache. The story is a breathtaking journey into emotions. Friendship, love, heartache, discovery all play a pivotal role in Lucas’ and Cassie’s relationship. Through heartache and pain comes happiness and joy. I would describe The Bachelor Prince as a pure and simple romance.

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Book Blurb for The Bachelor Prince

The only thing Ms. Fix-It can’t fix is her traitorous heart.

Of the many thrills Lucas Palmera has pursued, marriage isn’t one of them. Having witnessed how the death of his mother destroyed his father, Lucas considers love and matrimony too great an emotional risk. But Torrevna’s crown prince must marry—and soon—if he is to ascend the throne.

That doesn’t mean he’s not determined to put it off as long as possible. For that, he needs the cooperation of his indispensable personal assistant, Cassie Masters.

Cassie learned how to handle high-powered men by watching her social-climbing mother parade a string of them through her life—and vowing never to follow those footsteps. But when Lucas proposes Cassie act as his “fiancée” to fend off his meddling sisters, she’s in no position to refuse. After all, cleaning up Lucas’s messes is in her job description.

Trouble is, Cassie’s traitorous heart has always belonged to Lucas. And by the time she realizes she’s in too deep, her heart is pulling her headlong down a path she swore she’d never follow.

Warning: Contains a prince whose playboy ways conceal a tender heart and a long-suffering PA who’s determined to keep love off the schedule—especially her own. Toe-curling kisses and royal gossip included at no extra charge.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 5.00