Tall, Dark, and Wicked

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Tall, Dark, and Wicked

Wicked Trilogy, #2

My introduction to Ives did not go over well. He came across self-important, heartless and predatory. There were quite a few times I thought he was unnecessarily cruel. Padua is a desperate woman seeking help. Ives is her only hope. She may have come across as weak and naive, but she was actually quite smart. The way she dealt with Ives had me wondering who was in charge.

Tall, Dark and Wicked is a different type of story for me. Not one I would normally choose for myself. Something about it just appealed to me. Ms. Hunter gave me a look at two very complicated characters. Life events shaped them but love may rescue them. I did not get the story I expected with this read. However I did get a story with layers of hidden emotion and a hint of suspense.

Book Blurb for Tall, Dark, and Wicked

A wickedly wonderful new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of His Wicked Reputation 

Most women will give him anything he wants. She is not most women… 

As a well-known barrister and the son of a duke, Ives confines his passionate impulses to discreet affairs with worldly mistresses. A twist of fate, however, has him looking for a new lover right when a fascinating woman shows up in his chambers, asking him to help save her father from the gallows. Unfortunately, he has already been asked to serve as the prosecutor in the case, but that only ensures close encounters with the rarity named Padua Belvoir. And every encounter increases his desire to tutor her in pleasure’s wicked ways...

Having always been too tall, too willful, and too smart to appeal to men, Padua Belvoir is shocked when Ives shows interest in her. Knowing his penchant for helping the wrongly accused, she had initially thought he might be her father’s best hope for salvation. Instead, he is her worst adversary—not least because every time he looks at her, she is tempted to give him anything he wants…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50