Second Chance Cowboy

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Second Chance Cowboy

Crossroads Ranch, #1

The world according to A.J. Pine is a canvas of past heartaches, mistakes and ever rising stakes. It's the lessons we learn, memories we make and the moments of laughter that help us through the rough times. From first love to broken heart, Jack and Ava take readers into the eye of a storm. With realism and wisdom, Second Chance Cowboy shows the pureness of heart and the naivete of love. The road is treacherous, the work is strenuous but the reward can be advantageous in the end. Youth broke their hearts can adulthood help mend them? The author and her characters twist and turn their way right into your heart.

Book Blurb for Second Chance Cowboy

Once a cowboy, always a cowboy

Ten years ago, Jack Everett left his family's ranch without a backward glance. Now, what was supposed to be a quick trip home for his father's funeral has suddenly become more complicated. The ranch Jack can handle---he might be a lawyer, but he still remembers how to work with his hands. But turning around the failing vineyard he's also inherited? That requires working with the one woman he never expected to see again.

Ava Ellis broke her own heart the night she let Jack go. She was young and scared---and secretly pregnant with Jack's baby. Now that he's back and asking for her help, Ava sees her opportunity to right the wrongs of the past. But how will he feel about the son he's never known? Could this be their second chance---or their final heartbreak?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 5.00