Pretending He's Mine

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Pretending He's Mine

Love on Cue, #2

"Pretending He's Mine" is a handful of sunshine on a cloudy day. Mia Sosa never loses her sense of humor as she opens her heart to readers. To be open to love, one has to be willing to risk the consequences. Julian and Ashley had a bit of wreckage to work through, but watching them muddle through was the fun part. Ashley's looking to find herself. Julian's trying to keep his sanity. A relationship of convenience is the answer to both their prayers, unless their hearts end up being collateral damage. Ms. Sosa will help find your smile, even as she confiscates your heart.

Book Blurb for Pretending He's Mine

Mia Sosa returns with another fun, flirty romance in her critically-acclaimed Love on Cue series!

For Hollywood agent Julian Hart, representing his best friend—megastar Carter Williamson—means it’s nearly impossible to keep his personal life and career separate. To make matters worse, Carter’s younger sister has been starring in Julian’s wildest fantasies more often than he’d care to admit. He knows she’s off-limits, but when Ashley shows up on his doorstep, needing a place to crash… suddenly his greatest temptation is sleeping down the hall.

Free-spirited Ashley Williamson doesn’t do commitment. Jobs, apartments, men… why let herself be tied down? But she’s had a crush on her older brother’s best friend for years and she’s committed to making Julian want her, one towel-clad midnight encounter at a time. But just as things start heating up, their steamy flirtation is interrupted by Carter’s east coast wedding. Ashley has no desire to go home and face her reputation as the family disappointment. But living with—dare she say dating?—a successful, sexy film agent could give them something else to talk about.

Julian can’t believe he agreed to fake a relationship with the one woman he can never have. And it’s going to take more than a little willpower to remember it's all pretend. Or is it?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00