Blissful Summer

Exotic locations lead to two heated romances in Blissful Summer. In this book readers get an enjoyable chance to experience love through the eyes of two couples. These books are always fun for me because two is better than one. I have found that anthology or duet stories such as Blissful Summer serve two purposes.

Purpose #1: A less expensive way to purchase more than one story.

Purpose #2: A chance to become acquainted with an author you may not have known about prior.

Getting the chance to experience a common basis for a story in two different scenarios from two different minds gives an alternative outlook to a story. Whether a fan of love reunited or giving the hearts a desire a chance to explore, this book gives fans of sultry romance and dramatic storytelling the chance to experience both.

My favorite story was Make you Mine Again by Cheris Hodges because love is always better with a little life experience.

Book Blurb for Blissful Summer

A Kimani Romance Twofer. Two exotic locations. Two couples about to discover the thrill of rekindled passion.

Make You Mine Again by Cheris Hodges

Supermodel Jansen Douglas is living her dream. Now a wedding in Paris is about to reunite her with the high school sweetheart she left behind. But Atlanta CEO Bradley Stephens won't let their stormy past stand in the way of reclaiming his first and only love.

Unraveled by Lisa Marie Perry

Ona Tracy's plans to seduce her high school crush unravel when the reunion trip she books turns out to be an erotic-themed cruise to the Bahamas! Rather than abandon ship, she recruits blond-haired, silver-eyed Riker Ewan to be her hookup, unaware that the hot-bodied ex-marine isn't who he seems to be…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00