Turn Me On

I immediately adored this book. Valentine’s Day is a “holiday” in which this reviewer has never been fond of. But read on…

I loved that this story was based on an ex’s wedding. That is something that I have been personally confronted with. And then it suddenly turns into a lovely story of passion and intimate revenge… But at the same time, not revenge so much as exploration of the female body, which as humans, we’re all born with the ability to adore. Though some adore that figure more than others, such as Cammie and Kay, one can only applaud the beauty in their new relationship.

Once again, I am extremely pleased with Ms. Nelson’s writing. I can’t wait to read more from one of my new favorite romance authors.

Book Blurb for Turn Me On

Valentine’s Day sucks.

When Kay gets a call to meet a former lover for Valentine’s Day, she learns that not only is the ex getting married but she expects Kay to take part in the blessed event.

Kay doesn’t want chocolates.

The sexy sister of the groom-to-be is determined to help Kay get over the bride.

Turn Me On…

Will Cammie help Kay learn that passion is better when it isn’t hidden? Or will Kay give up the one woman who can bring her body—and her broken heart—back to life?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00