Pack and Coven

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Pack and Coven

Harry Smith is a lone wolf, one that would like to keep it that way. He becomes the target of a local Alpha-female wolf, and resigns to flee from her grasp. When June Travis seemingly appears out of nowhere, things get a bit more heated in his escape to freedom from the Pack. Offering him not a miracle, but a helping hand, she puts herself and her magic on the line by trying to assist the man she loves. When passion gives way to exploring the mutual attraction between the two, consequences for the witch are never forgotten and her reserves are tested. The consequences are high for a witch who beds with wolves....

My Thoughts: While this reviewer loves a good story about Witches and Werewolves, she's not used to seeing them at the same time. Though the writing is good, I just really could not get into this book, until roughly 100 pages in. For some reason, I was easily distracted because the plot was scattered and made me question what it was that I just read, so I would reread the same paragraph over and over again. The plot sounded amazing when I was looking for my next book to review, but I was disappointed by the execution of it. Perhaps if the idea had flowed more to the rise, climax, and decline, like I had always been taught to use, I wouldn’t have felt like I was forcing myself to read the book for so very long. I do believe that the characters were well developed, and it even made me giggle that the werewolf main character’s name is Harry. I did love the hidden desires and conflicts, as well. Over all, I believe this would be an okay read for anyone looking for passion and desires between supernatural creatures.

Book Blurb for Pack and Coven

Harry Smith is a lone wolf, and he likes it that way. When he's targeted to be co-alpha of the local pack, there is only one thing he can do to maintain his freedom: flee. But it'll take a miracle to stay a step ahead of shifters in their own territory.

June Travis has been in love with Harry for years, but he doesn't know her real identity. He sees her as the sweet owner of the local tearoom—the facade June presents to humans and werewolves to keep them from finding out she's a witch. She may not be able to offer Harry a miracle, but she can help him escape.

Harry is drawn to this new side of June, and not just because he's grateful for her help. With her magic temporarily hiding Harry from his pursuers, the witch and the wolf explore their mutual attraction. But there are consequences for witches who bed down with wolves...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50