Fangs In Frosting

Fangs In, #1

Charlotte owns the local cupcake store on the corner, the only dessert place open late in the neighborhood. Talk about sweet galore! (Of course, Charlotte is included in that compliment.)The sweet and enticing Viktor shows up one night, and then the next and the next. Among the cupcake wrappers and the bags of chocolate chips in the pantry, the two made passionate love. Did I mention he’s a biter? Because, yeah, he is. So between the lovely Lottie and the extra sprinkles, which perk is the best for him?

It was sexy. The love making, the passion, the drive behind the characters is unlike any other stories I’ve read. In just a few short pages, there was passion and romance and before the characters even admit it, you can tell they care deeply for each other. Lottie’s inner monologue made me giggle quite a few times. As someone with a love for baking myself, I had to admire her drive for her business and her love for what she does. Though short and having left me wanting more and more, I found it extremely hilarious that she worries so much more about her baking than anything else. Thought Viktor is mysterious, you can tell that he sincerely wants nothing more than to please Charlotte in every way, shape, and form of that word‘s meaning. But of course, I believe that most people would like some big and bad, tall dark and handsome vampire to knock on our door, too.

Book Blurb for Fangs In Frosting

Hi! My name is Charlotte, and I own the cupcake shop on the corner -- the sole dessert place open late in our neighborhood. My shop has quite a few regular customers but none are as devoted as Viktor -- Mr. Tall, Dark, and Serious. I give him the special treatment, including extra sprinkles on the cupcakes he buys yet never eats, and offering him private tours of my walk-in pantry.

Viktor is a very kinky guy. I never see him before sundown, and he's a biter. Yep, I did him, in the pantry, amongst the boxes of cupcake wrappers and the bags of chocolate chips. During that encounter, he took a little nip out of luscious Lottie, that would be me, and tonight, he's back for more. He says he has plans for me. I hope they don't include clothes.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00