Demon Protector

I’m marking this as an “I liked it” because that’s how it was for me. I liked it. Though I can’t say anything bad about the storyline or characters, because I really did enjoy everything, a couple things were lacking for me to not give it a better score. Scarlet and Bo are a beautiful pair, and the story flows very well. There were just a couple things I found myself wishing that had been elaborated on, but I really can’t complain. This is a great, and quick, read for anybody looking for a little spice to their love life. The author really knows how to get the blood flowing to the right places. Those were the parts where I found myself doing a little happy dance while I read, and possibly a little jealous of Scarlet. Over all, I would recommend this book to friends that like something a bit saucy, and enjoy a good twist.

Scarlet was just a shy, normal, woman until Mr. Hunk shows up and saves her from some terrible impending doom. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down in a tizzy when she finds out that the pair of them are anything but normal humans. Meet Bo, an ex-demon soldier that’s been tasked to protect the intriguing woman that he’s become increasingly enamored with while he’s watched her. As a twisted battle with Ryu, the demon army leader, looms ahead of them, Bo must decide which pull of power is stronger: revenge, or the powerful witch that’s captivated him.

Book Blurb for Demon Protector

Scarlet was a normal, shy, woman until the day her world is turned upside down. Rescued by her dream man, she soon learns he's more than just human, and so is she.

Bo, an ex demon soldier, who once fought for the evil leader, Ryu, has been tasked with protecting Scarlet. After a few days of watching her, he instantly became fascinated. As the battle looms ahead to destroy his former leader, he's got to decide what he wants more- revenge, or the powerful witch who's captivated him.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00