Daughter of the Earth and Sky

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Daughter of the Earth and Sky

Bravo, bravo, and bravo. I adored the first book in this series and the second was even better! The characters have become that much more real to me now. Being a person who still believes that the Gods exist and is waiting for them to regain their power and rise again, this series truly warms my heart. Persephone and Hades have always been one of my favorite myths, and I adore that their relationship is getting the recognition that it deserves, and isn’t about Hades’ kidnapping a young woman. If you want a book of Greek Mythology and true love, you need to pick up this series. Persephone is an inspirational character, and I love that I can so easily connect with her that I barely left my laptop today to read her adventure in this novel. I truly and honestly cannot wait to see what happens in the third book.

Book Blurb for Daughter of the Earth and Sky

Some vows can never be broken.

Persephone thought she could go back to her normal life after returning from the Underworld. She was wrong.

The goddess Aphrodite is born among the waves with more charm than she can control. Zeus is stalking Persephone and her loved ones, and Thanatos is no longer content with Persephone's silence.

He wants her soul.

Persephone can't tell anyone about Thanatos' betrayal, and it drives a wedge between her and Hades. Her mother is still keeping secrets, and Melissa's jealousy of Aphrodite threatens to tear their friendship apart.

Alone, Persephone turns to a human boy for comfort. But will their relationship put him in danger?

Sacrifices must be made, and Persephone must choose between her human life and her responsibilities as a goddess. If she doesn't, she could lose them both.

But will either life be worth choosing once Zeus is through with her?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50