Catching Death

Hunters and Reapers, #1

Okay, so once again, I loved a book by Ms. Nelson. Ms. Nelson is quickly becoming a favorite on my list of romance novelists. Very rarely lately have I been able to read a book and picture things so well that it’s like a movie inside my head. It used to be like that all the time, but it hasn’t for some time.

This new take on the idea of reapers is an absolutely exciting adventure! Oh and the passion between Drake and Bianca? What more could you want from a delicious romance novel? The hunt is on for Drake… But your hunt is over after reading this book!

Book Blurb for Catching Death

She died to save her sister…

And now she is trapped in a hell on earth. Collecting the souls of the recently deceased, Bianca Carter job has no benefits, no vacation time, and no pay. Her only comfort is that her sister lived on…until Death sends her to collect her sister’s soul.

Bounty hunter for all things paranormal…

His job takes him places he only dreamed of going growing up a country boy. Drake Green’s newest job? Catching one of Death’s reapers for refusing to do her job. She needs to be punished. Once he meets her, he finds he can think of more delicious ways to accomplish this than Death has planned.

The hunt is on…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50