Shibari Auction House, #2

Well, first off, wow. That’s about the most I can think of upon finishing this short, yet extremely enticing, story. Now let us get onto more coherent thoughts. The plot is exciting, a way to keep you on the edge of your seat and make you keep reading until your eye ache - that is, if you enjoy the type of relationship these characters have. Well, I happen to very much enjoy it, so this works for me. I haven’t read many male written sexual exploits. In fact, this might be the first and bravo. I love male writers for M/M stories. It’s only fair though, that a male would write a M/M sexual scene, because they know firsthand how exciting everything can be. I like the way the author throws in the bits about their connection, but of course, I guess I just adore Benj, the dominate character. Though I would have liked to see more develop between the two, and maybe the pacing slowed down just a bit, I really can’t say much for this experienced author except “Brava,” because I would enjoy reading more.

The experienced submissive Alec makes a reappearance to the Shibari Auction House to auction away another two years of his time after a ten year contract abruptly comes to a halt. While Alec deals with being cashed in for a “newer model” from his last Master, we meet Benj, a novice Top. Hyper, sweet, rich Benj swoops in to save the devilishly handsome and experienced Alec, wondering how anyone could possibly think he’s not good enough or too old. Could it be that it’s not the sale both men are looking for, but some fun….or more?

Book Blurb for Alec

Experienced sub Alec is back at the Shibari Auction House to sell two more years of his time after his master of ten years turns him in for a "newer model." Novice Top Benj can't believe anyone would throw the lovely Alec away or complain that he's too old and snaps Alec up for twice the asking price.

Could it be both men are looking for more than a sale and some fun, and is it possible they'll find it together?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00