2-in-1 Olympians Volume 3

Elysian Dreams & Love’s Forge

Though I didn’t pick up the first two books in this series, I was happy to pick up this one. The beginning was a little rough because I didn’t know if there was going to be a problem reading them out of order, but it was pretty easy to figure out what I had missed. Thankfully, being knowledgeable about the myths that were being lived through helped me understand the missing pieces.

Elysian Dreams is a beautiful novel focused around a nymph, Daphne. Desired by Apollo, and desiring Hypnos, one’s life could be filled with contentment. But Daphne doesn’t remember anything thanks to a mishap with Aphrodite centuries ago. But of course, Daphne may be the reason that all the Gods are cooperating, but her story is not the only one going on here. Thankfully you get to see the interactions of many Gods and Goddesses to return the Nymph to her former glory and see where her choices lead her.

Love’s Forge focuses more on Aphrodite’s world and desire to find herself and figure just exactly what she wants. It continues exactly where Elysian Dreams leaves off, giving you a chance to see what exactly the Goddess of Love and Lust deals with on a daily basis. You also get to see the important roles of the Fates in this shorter novel. That was a pleasant surprise that left me smiling. This second novel within the other is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book Blurb for 2-in-1 Olympians Volume 3

Elysian Dreams

Aphrodite wants to right a wrong from many years ago. Her petty quarrel with Apollo resulted in him being separated from the woman he loved. Until now. With Zeus’s help, Aphrodite has given Apollo and his beloved Daphne a second chance. Will they find happiness together? Or will they find that the years of separation have drastically changed what each of them once wanted?

Love’s Forge

Aphrodite’s talent for bringing about “happily ever after” despite numerous obstacles has never helped her straighten out her own love life. She’s been keeping her estranged marriage to Hephaestus a secret from everyone, but his determination to finally make it work and regain her heart has convinced her the time for secrecy may soon be over. But when Hephaestus catches her with Ares, he decides his wife needs to be taught a lesson. Aphrodite stands very little chance against his erotic assault, but she still refuses to promise to be his forever. As he continues making her live out all his fantasies, she must ultimately decide if she only wanted his body or if she can truly return his love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00