You Taste So Sweet

Interesting premise, but problematic execution meant that it fell short of the mark.

I liked Lark and how strong she was and how she interacted with the guys, who were the perfect blend of strong, sweet and vulnerable.

However, I really found it difficult to believe that with the tragedy that happens in the first chapter that they'd just fall into sex that readily. I also wished that there was a little more development of the relationship instead of the insta-love and insta-lust that went on. I can buy hot sex in the face of death once, twice, but eventually I do need to have some more to build a relationship on. Especially since the characters do end up putting their lives on the line for each other -- I would have liked to see a buildup to that rather than accepting the heroism as a matter of course.

I also found the concept of how the zombie plague came about to be very glossed over and the ending gave no clear idea of where humanity was going, which also didn't work for me.

Entertaining and fun, but didn't quite hit the mark.

Book Blurb for You Taste So Sweet

When a meteor explodes over Atlanta, infecting the world with a virus that turns people into zombies, Lark knows survival will be difficult. Her roommate and best friend insists that her father and his best friend will come and save them, but Lark isn’t sure if she wants to put her life into the hands of strangers. Unfortunately, when the zombies come, she may have no choice. And when Ben and Dillon break into their dorm in the nick of time, Lark finds herself reevaluating her insistence on independence.

Tragedy brings them together. The fight to survive creates a bond stronger than blood in a few short days. What’s a girl to do when faced with the zombie apocalypse? Does she trust in the two men she knows will keep her alive, or does she strike out on her own?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.00