Yearning's Samiel

WindVerse 14

Generally, everything just clicked for me in this book. One of my favorite set-ups is the childhood lover's thing, and Kaizin and Kat quickly move to being completely sweet after the initial antagonism. It worked because it was clear these two had a strong prior relationship and they knew each other well enough that although there was residual tension and conflict, there was still underlying love and loyalty. I liked that there was an outside conflict going on rather than just them willfully misunderstanding and hating each other. What

The weak link for me was the antagonist and the whole reason behind Kaizin being incarcerated in the first place. I found it hard to believe that after doing all that he did to get his way, the villain didn't push forward to the logical conclusion. The other weak link was the fact that Kat just apparently let Kaizin go without being more proactive about looking for him and hunting him down or at least enlisting his family's help. I didn't understand why Rory didn't keep in touch with Kat and why he wasn't more of a help to her for all those years.

That said, those were relatively minor issues that could have had a perfectly reasonable reason behind them. Mostly, it was a fun read with great one-liners, compelling characters, and an exciting fun Megaverse with lots of toys to play with. There is just enough detail of Kai's PTSD and general evil to keep suspense and tension while still being a light read.

I enjoyed this book so much I'm going to go hunt down all of Charlotte's backlist and work my way through the Megaverse.

Book Blurb for Yearning's Samiel

Wrongly convicted of high treason, Kaizen Samiel has everything taken from him—his career, his freedom and the woman who is the center of his Megaverse. Condemned to a hell-hole prison in the frigid darkness of space, all he wants is revenge on the men who had him sent there and the woman who has forsaken him.

When Capt. Kathleen McGregor’s scout ship is attacked, the last face she expects to see on her vid-com screen is that of a man she’s thought long dead. She has kept her love for Kaizen safely ensconced in her heart where no one can take him from her. Now, looking into his beloved face and seeing only hatred, vengeance and retaliation aimed directly at her turns her world upside down.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50