Wickedest Witch

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Wickedest Witch

It's a pity that Langlais ended up having Evangaline wimp out because the story would have been much less cliched if she had only turned out to be actually just a little bit evil. The idea that a woman is evil just because she has confidence and sticks up for herself is a rather old plot device and I would have expected better than to see it here. Other than that somewhat disappointing revelation, this story was a fun read that kept me flipping frantically through the pages, eager to see what happens next.

I can't decide if I appreciate Ryker's lack of political correctness because it adds character, or if he's just plain annoying sometimes -- but at least that means that Langlais' characters are both believable and intriguing without falling into the tropes trap.

Langlais' world of supernaturals and magic is interesting and the supporting characters in this story were well-fleshed and entertaining. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for her stories in the future, especially the one with Evangaline's sister.

Book Blurb for Wickedest Witch

Thank you for engaging the services of Wicked Incorporated, where the insults are given for free.

Evangeline is not a very nice witch, and she’s not afraid to show it. Her ruthless nature comes in handy as a problem solver until she lands a job where she’s forced to work with an uncouth shifter. He’s rude, cocky, totally unsuitable, not to mention part animal, but despite it all, she can’t help craving his touch.

Ryker is big, bad, and brash. When he’s partnered with a curvy witch, he does everything in his power to fight her allure. And fails. But he’s not too disappointed as he discovers wickedness has its uses, especially in the bedroom.

Vampires, a wedding from hell, and a cackling boss named Rumpelstiltskin make this an adventure packed, humorous paranormal romance sure to make you smile.

Author’s Foreword: Please note, Wickedest Witch was originally published by Liquid Silver Books from October of 2010, until May of 2013. Published anew in June 2013 by Eve Langlais, this book has been expanded from its original version.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.50