Wicked Intentions

Esmeralda from Lydia Joyce’s Wicked Intentions was breathtaking from the start. I was immediately sucked into her story and wondered at every turn what her intentions were and how the story was going to unfold. That said, I found her relationship with Thomas both irritating and realistic. Kudos to Lydia Joyce for being upfront about the suspicion Thomas would have and his subsequent treatment of Esmeralda. However, it was immensely frustrating to have their first real encounter to be of the carnal sort. It seemed both too hasty and a bad decision on Esmeralda's part. I have to admit to being slightly weary of the whole tangled love, hate, suspicion, regret of ill-treatment etc ad nauseous circle. However, the rest of the story, mystery, and Esmeralda's abilities made for a real page-turner. I'll be looking for more stories by Lydia Joyce in the future, in the hopes of more heroines like Esmeralda.

Book Blurb for Wicked Intentions

Thomas Hyde, Viscount Varcourt, has long been a man alone. Ever since the death of his older brother, whispers of murder have followed him. The longer people have talked, the more controlling he has become of his family—and the more coldly cunning toward those around them.

In aristocratic society, Esmeralda is well-known as a woman with “the gift.” She exudes a powerful aura of insight as she moves amongst the elite, sculpting truth from rumor and proving her skills of observation and vision. But she keeps her true intentions hidden from all.
Esmeralda's keen interest in his family evokes Thomas' suspicion and scorn. But their first confrontation swiftly turns from a struggle for control to an erotic battle that neither can afford to lose. The more incendiary their encounters, the closer they grow, until they realize that their dark secrets are intertwined—and that they must ally against the mortal danger that threatens them both…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.00