What the Marquess Sees

Agents of Change Book 2

I appreciated the attempt to bend the usual tropes: the misunderstood female who has to be ruthless in order to get out of a life, the kind and honorable gentleman who must see past her blustering and actions to see the worthy person within...

Unfortunately, it didn't quite gel fully for me.

Beatryce may have had ample reason to be a terrible human being, but it was never illustrated fully in the beginning to justify what we heard of her doing. And it wasn't just that she was ruthless or did things she didn't want to in order to survive, Beatryce was sometimes cruel for no good reason other than (probably justified) lashing out at what she could. So even though in the end I fully understood and emphasized, it was a bit of hard going at the start to get into her story. A lot had to be taken on faith and for a romance novel, it works, barely. If it was women's literature, I'd have given up on her.

Cliff did mostly make up for it. He was a gentleman and a lovely human being with a sense of humor.

As might be expected, this isn't really a light read. It's not hugely angst-driven, but it's also not cheerful and there's a lot tragic happenings, with some talk of rape (for those who are triggered by such).

What the Marquess Sees was an entertaining read, but I'm unsure if I'd pick up anymore in this vein in the future.

Book Blurb for What the Marquess Sees

The Marquess of Dansbury is a charismatic spy that has taken on many difficult tasks for the crown, but none so difficult as protecting Lady Beatryce Beckett. She lies, she cheats, she steals, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Right now, what Lady Beatryce wants is the marquess. But, when you’re on the run from a mad assassin, it’s hard to find the time to profess your love! Amy Quinton takes you on a rollicking adventure in What the Marquess Sees, Book 2 of her Regency romance series, Agents of Change.

What happens when you throw together a charming Marquess and a lady who lies? Anything!

England 1814: He is a marquess with a woman to protect and an assassin to thwart. She is…not nice.

The Marquess of Dansbury is a strong, charismatic man living a charmed life as an agent for the crown. His past isn’t without tragedy, but he is too amiable to allow misfortune to mar his positive outlook on life. Until now…when he finds himself tasked with protecting the one woman in the world he actively disdains, Lady Beatryce Beckett.

Lady Beatryce Beckett is mean. She ruins other women on purpose. She lies. She cheats. She even steals. And she takes particular pleasure in provoking a certain marquess. In short, she’ll do anything to get what she wants: freedom from her abusive father. But she is strong (she’s had to be), worthy (who’d have thought it), and in love… Wait, what?

It will take a special man to see the true woman beneath the surface…and a strong woman to allow him that glimpse. Is the Marquess of Dansbury up to the task?

Content Notes: Hot, Voyeurism, Regency, Historical, Suspense, Adventure

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.00