Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana

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Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana

Book Two

I am undecided about this collection of stories. It is well-written, dynamic, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking -- but I can't decide if I like the final outcome or not and perhaps that is the true art in this collection. To a certain extent, I feel like I could have had a better understanding of these stories if I had read the first stories of Veriel. As it is, perhaps hearing his side of the story has made it so that I am more sympathetic towards him than I should be.
Lyons weaves a tight story, skillfully presenting Veriel as a man that is more than just the sum of his madness and betrayal, yet never losing sight of his potential for cruelty and destruction. I have to say that my view is biased towards desiring redemption for all, especially when they're as charismatic and charming as Veriel.
At first I wondered what was the point of spending so much time going over each loving detail of his descent into madness when the ending seemed to be set in stone -- but in the end I really, truly appreciate that Lyons wrote this. I have a better idea of the world, the people that populate it, and a new appreciation for the fallen ones.

Book Blurb for Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana

Genre: Fantasy erotic romance

Heat rating: 4 Novas

Jörg has lost his mate again and again, his punishment as a traitor to the gods. He is driven to protect her and fated to lose her. Ilona...Caitrina...Yzabeau...

They know him. Their bodies remember Jörg’s touch, and they will do anything he asks to experience what they remember. In the night, they are his, born to revel in every carnal sin. Then comes the day. With the sun, sanity returns, and danger stalks them.

Rober started off using Jacquine as bait to trap the Mad Deceiver. Now he has to convince her to be his mate or face breaking printing. If Veriel shows his face, Rober is ready to meet him, madman to madman.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00