Valentine Wishes

To be honest, I'm not sure what to think about this story.

It was sweet and the premise was interesting, but the way it was executed was odd -- it didn't seem like there was an actual conflict and so it felt a little flat. Everything gets resolved in a fairly pat fashion without any real character development or sacrifice on any one's part. I never felt like there was any danger of anything not turning out the way they ought.

The romance arc of Poppy was also a bit bewildering. It was sweet, but I was confused as to how and when they fell in love and next thing we know we're discussing babies. I wouldn't say it was rushed -- it was more like big bang to supernova to black hole in two seconds flat.

Overall, it wasn't bad for a short, sweet read, if a bit unsatisfying.

Book Blurb for Valentine Wishes

Fairy wishes are hot, but Poppy’s aim is not! Watch what happens when a novice fairy accidentally spikes the party punch with a powerful love wish in Daisy Banks’ outrageously funny romance, Valentine Wishes.

Full of good intentions, the novice fairy Poppy grants her first big wish at a Valentine’s Day Party. The wish to bring her mortals love is powerful, but misses its target and lands in the party punch.

All three of her sweet mortal girls take just a sip and each one falls for the wrong man.

There hasn’t been a fairy disaster this bad in centuries and Poppy has no idea how to put things right. Add to the catastrophe the arrival of Cedar Heartwood, the fairy of her dreams, who drinks the punch too, and Poppy’s dilemma grows.

Cedar loves her in ways she’s only dreamed about. Should she take back the wish from both the mortals and the fairy she adores? She must step with care or lose everything.

Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary, Fantasy, Fairies and Fae

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.00