Untamed Temptation

This was a quick, interesting read. The elements of mystery and suspense kept the pages flipping and the tension, sexual or otherwise, between Magnolia and Alex was almost mesmerizing.

I did wish that more background was given, however. It would have been massively helpful if more information about what Magnolia was had been given, along with more hints about shapeshifter culture and conventions. The little bit that was given wasn't nearly enough, and in fact confused more than it enlightened. The Guild, for example: What are they in charge of, who put them in charge, did they have any power and duties aside from what Alex was doing, and why they were called the Guild -- all that would have been really helpful. To a certain extent, it seemed that for all his work for the Guild, it didn't appear that Alex had many answers either. The throwaway plot device of having Alex have a small falling out with his guildmates was also poorly explained.

I'd be interested in reading further novels by Su Halfwerk, but I think her story would have benefited from a slightly longer format.

Book Blurb for Untamed Temptation

Magnolia Colby joins a dangerous expedition in the Amazon as a substitute photographer. To push the head archeologist, Alex Marcellus, to stay on the team, she lies to him about her relationship with her brother Marcus. Convinced she has tricked Alex into thinking she's actually Mrs. Marcus Colby, she avoids him to protect him from the leopard she changes into every night.

Alex knows the truth about Magnolia's non-existent marriage. He watches her every movement, wondering if she's the beast he's been sent to capture to stop the murders in the UK...and dreading the idea that she may be. In an attempt to learn the truth about her, he tempts her with his heat and desire, but loses himself as well.

When the final confrontation with the murderer occurs, who will win? Will Magnolia be able to save herself and Alex from the monster?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.50