Tyler's Woman

Outlaw Lovers, Book Four

I enjoyed this book – especially Laurie and Tyler. They were full-fleshed characters, both brave and heroic in their own way. The plot was gripping, especially as I wasn't always certain who was friend or foe. I also appreciated how, although Laurie's actions were those of a hero's, she was perfectly honest and frank about her own feelings. It made the story truly come to life, that she wasn't just filled with false bravery – the talk she gave to the recruits was what was especially moving. One of my favorite characters was Blade though; I was slightly disappointed how he just left at the end. I'm definitely looking forward to other books by Jan Springer – especially if Blade or Red's story gets told, preferably together.

Book Blurb for Tyler's Woman

Outlaw Lovers, Book Four.

In the near future, a virus has been unleashed, killing a majority of the world's female population, forcing the introduction of the Claiming Law. A law that states men have all the rights and women are sexual property claimable by groups of men.

Laurie Callahan has always experienced red-hot pleasure and passionate love in Tyler Outlaw's arms. But when he's pronounced MIA, presumed dead in the Terrorist Wars, her world is shattered and her heart broken.
For years Tyler Outlaw and his best friend Hunter Brown endured brutal torture and worse in a terrorist prison.

Finally free of their hell, they return home intent on seducing Laurie into their erotic-filled fantasies.
Shocked to discover Tyler is alive and he's taken a male lover, Laurie is thrust into a sensual world of sizzling seductions, scorching ménages and the carnal desires that both scarred men crave. But she fears Tyler won't want her when he discovers she's not the same woman he left behind.

Reader Advisory: Contains references to non-consensual sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00