Two Die For Her Love

Lurid Power Book 9

This book does not standalone. I'm somewhat uncertain as to how to rate this story as it is very much book 9 and I came into it fairly lost and stayed lost.

So. Fair warning: there's a lot going on and many things referenced and this book will not work for you unless you've read the previous books. The premises are very interesting and the world fascinating -- except I didn't feel like I saw enough of it to get a good feel of what was going on. There was a great deal of sex, to the point where it was immensely distracting and I ended up skimming through trying to connect the dots and failing. I didn't understand the relationships and even when they were explained, I didn't see the relationships, so I didn't believe in them. The author does try to squeeze in backstory, but it felt like being told of legends and myths rather than being immersed in the world and experiencing the events with the characters. There was simultaneously not enough information and too much detail given. Lots of telling and not nearly enough showing; I was told that people felt a certain way, but all that came through was sex and I ended up not truly being able to care about the characters.

The characters were a lot of fun and I did find the world interesting enough that I may go back to find the first book and see how that goes. For now, however, I'm going to slide Two Die For Her Love onto the probably-not pile.

Book Blurb for Two Die For Her Love

Eight months after the arrival of the Dane ships on Jasta, the construct of life has completely changed. Raton is living at Bastion castle, but he and Aria have yet to take their relationship past friendship.

Rife was originally created within her flesh, but is no longer her blood son. He now calls her Aria and is becoming ever more brazen about his desires.

Will the secrets hidden in Aria and Raton’s past leave them falling prey to death or clinging to one another in thankful harmony?

Would Raton and Rife actually die for her, or are the words simply a statement to describe their love?

Find the answers within the pages of Two Die For Her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 3.00