Traveller left me torn; on one hand, I loved Emerson and her feisty, SunTzu quoting, ex-beauty pageant martial arts badass ways and on the other hand, I really did not take a shine to Traveller ways.

So yeah, this is a four star book because I adored Emerson and Michael is a big marshmallow sweetie deep inside.

Michael is also a bit cave-man and way too autocratic at times, but considering his background, it's almost forgivable.

What isn't as forgivable is almost everyone composing his background. It was a bit frustrating to read about Traveller ways, especially since they're supposedly based off the Rom, and at this point I'm way over all the terrible stereotypes that happen to that group of people. That really wasn't great. *cough* bit racist *cough*

Stereotypes and racism and oddly constructed social more used to advance plots aside, some of the rules really really didn't make sense. Let's not teach the women how to fight -- so in case they get kidnapped and used for breeding purposes, they have no way of even beginning to save themselves or escape.

Or, let's stay uneducated and barely literate when everyone knows that if you are fighting monsters who are born that way that 1. high tech equals easier ways of killing the baddies and 2. medical advances just might mean ways to solve your problem.

There were also some other issues with the worldbuilding that didn't quite stand up to close scrutiny, such as why Emerson isn't dead dead dead, all things considered.

Still, I'm giving Traveller four stars because I definitely am hoping for another book, hopefully with Emerson and Michael as the main characters, but heck, I'll take Leo (who resembles a cover model for an erotic romance according to Emerson) as an option too.

Book Blurb for Traveller

Former Junior Miss Kentucky Emerson Shaw won pageants using martial arts as her talent and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” as her guide, but a painful secret leads her to the University of York, and puts her in the path of tattooed and pierced bad boy, Michael Nightingale.

Michael is a Traveller, part of an ancient line of mercenary gypsies who protect the world from vicious monsters called the Moktar. When Emerson gets attacked, she has no choice but accept Michael’s offer of protection or face certain death.

Traveller society, full of outdated rules and ridiculous superstitions, isn’t a good fit for the headstrong Emerson. Traveller women aren’t allowed to fight. Traveller women aren’t allowed to win. Traveller women aren’t allowed to leave. But Emerson will do what she must, even if it means losing the one person who matters most.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00