The Witch and the Wolf

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The Witch and the Wolf

Rating: Sensual/Spicy..

I really thought that it was interesting to see how Arabella would use her status as a spy and to see how she would interact with Christopher, an agent on an opposing side.

Arabella and Christopher have a dashing courtship complete with all the usual strife associated with two people who are madly in love yet have no idea how to trust each other, which they don't. I would have liked to see Arabella as a more inteligent woman and not go off half-cocked. For most of the book I was urging her to just trust in Christopher and not just pay lip service to him by perpetually calling him "the most dangerous man in England". If she really thought so, why wouldn't she trust him to help with her problems? To a certain extent I also had a slight problem with all the characters rushing about - it never seemed like that they had a chance to truly develop. More character depth would have made this story stronger. If you're looking for an light and entertaining read give this a try.

Book Blurb for The Witch and the Wolf

Having fled the mobs of the revolution to England as a child, when Arabella returns to France she is enlisted to aid Napoleon's cause as a spy-until the man known only to her as the Wolf abducts her and returns her to England once more.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00