The Stolen Princess

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The Stolen Princess

This is an absolute keeper.

I loved Callie and Gabe as a couple, they're both so endearingly determined to protect those they love. I enjoyed the repartee between them and it was heart-warming to see how they found love in the most unlikely of places - up a ways from a smuggling cove! Callie is also my favorite kind of heroine: brave and gallant, yet with very human flaws, (leeches, anyone?). My only problem is that Anne Gracie definitely left me wanting more of the story: I wanted to know more back story - more about how Nicky came by his limp, why Callie was so unknowingly beloved by her citizens, how Uncle and the cross that Gabriel lugs around the way a dragon hoards treasure. That "flaw" of course, only further demonstrates how captivating this story is, and I definitely will be hoping for further mention of them in further installments by Anne Gracie.

Book Blurb for The Stolen Princess

The younger son of an earl, Gabriel Fitzpaine earned glory and honor on the battlefield, but now, without purpose, he finds himself deliberately courting danger at every turn. Then one night he races his horse along a death-defying moonlit cliff-and stumbles upon a princess on the run.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50