The Sorceress Screams

Sorceress Series, 2

More stunning views in Trope City downtown -- I really enjoyed my stay even though there was enough cheese to make a person lactose intolerant.

If you read my last review of the first book, you'll know that I really like Kora, I really like the worldbuilding and the detail Anya's put in, but I really hate love triangles and the "I like you so I'm gonna act like a douche" tropes.

Things don't exactly get better in this book. What's good is still good. Kora's still holding her own vis-a-vis all the crazy men in her life, more details come out about the world that just made me happy, but the tropes don't relent.

What is with this whole "all the men in my life, of which there are several, are going to act like dicks to me" thing? And then there's the whole wavering back and forth between "I'm a dick" and "but I'm a good person, fundamentally and I did X and Y nice thing for her" thing.

And this is just conjecture but not spoiler -- if it turns out that we're going the route of "the person she ends up with is going to be X, who was a dick to her but only because he didn't know how to talk about his feelings when he was younger and then he wanted to make her stronger and all the things he does are really just out of love, twu wuv and was for her own good"... I might end up screaming.

Seriously. Maximo is hot, sexy and an exploitative dick. Desmond is a dick who often acts in completely bewildering classless ways around her. Trip is ...just creepy and hot and crazy and can't manage to say "I love you" without making it sound like he should be behind bars and being put on a sex offender's list. I really can't say more without spoilers, but hello mama, these boys be carayzay!

Can I just say at this point I'm really rooting for Team Kora and Someone Else?

Waiting on tenterhooks for the third book. Here's hoping that we'll get some resolution and some hope for Kora not ending up with "least dicky of them all".

Book Blurb for The Sorceress Screams

Self-proclaimed sorceress Kora only wants to succeed as a small business owner in Sedona. Her new age shop might not be in the red if a certain beautiful high priest hadn’t blackballed her. Desmond promises to scratch her back if she scratches his. Finally having her loudest detractor on her side is worth any task, no matter how distasteful.

A favor for dear old Mom—the goddess of magic—earns Kora a powerful undead enemy. Only the city’s vampire ruler can help her out of her latest bind. But Maximo’s demands hit a little too close to the heart.

It’s one step forward and one step back toward Mom’s plans for total coven infiltration. But Kora has time, and with her soul in the balance, she has no choice but to succeed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50