The Right Men for the Job

This is a hot, steamy short that gives a good taste of just how good Saskia Walker can be. The entire story is tight, fast-paced, and yet definitely doesn't leave any loose ends hanging.

From the moment Astrid walks into Deacon and Vico's life, the stage is set -- within a few short pages the romance is going full throttle, Astrid's past is made clear, and Deacon and Vico enter a whole new phase within their friendship. The sensitive handling of Deacon and Vico's relationship was beautiful to behold and I really enjoyed how it was definitely a focal point, yet it never took away from Astrid's budding relationship with the two of them.

I just hope that I can see more of Walker's work in the future in the form of longer novels. 

Book Blurb for The Right Men for the Job

Contemporary/ Ménage à Trois
Short Story

They both want to service her every need.

Car mechanics, Deacon and Vico, have been lusting after sultry Astrid Jacobs who works in a nearby office. When Astrid walks into their workshop they've already got a friendly rivalry going on about who will be asking her out.

Astrid quickly loses her nerve about dealing with mechanics because these guys are so charming, gorgeous, and full-on. When they offer to drop her at her next appointment, she agrees. She needs a confidence boost, because she's on her way to her best friend's engagement party and her best friend is getting married to Astrid's ex. The confidence boost she needs is right here in Deacon and Vico.

After confessing her situation, the guys offer to come with her and show the ex what he's missing. It's the perfect excuse for the three of them to flirt outrageously. But the flirting doesn't stop at the party, and they are soon engaged in a torrid ménage a trois affair. Astrid is about to discover that if you need something doing properly, you get the right men for the job.

Reader Advisory: This book contains group sex and m/m interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00