The Price of Sword

This was an engaging, fast-paced read. I enjoyed it a great deal, especially with regards to Rosawyn. She's a spitfire of a woman, yet intelligent and courageous. I especially appreciated how she tempered the steel of her personality with logic and reason - she did not just try to run roughshod over Phillip even though she could've with the amount of support she had from the people coupled with the unusual circumstances of their marriage. It was very entertaining to see Phillip's attitude change towards her with regards to seeing her as more or less an equal, a far cry from his original statement that he was going to make her stay within her "womanly sphere". In conclusion, all I really have to offer up as an example might have to be the quote from Phillip's mother: "I hope your wife is the one still standing, Phillip."

Book Blurb for The Price of Sword

Sir Philip d'Apremont, is confident he can fulfil the King's orders to find Lady Rosawyn, the Earl of Liskard's beautiful daughter, marry her and regain her father's lands. Kidnapped by her ruthless brother-in-law, Sir Hugh Noirville and imprisoned in a remote Cornish convent, Lady Rosawyn Liskard, prays fervently for deliverance. When that arrives in the handsome, muscular shape of Philip D'Apremont she finds herself swiftly married and embroiled in a struggle for her inheritance and for her heart. Philip D'Apremont is the illegitimate son of a Norman knight and a Greek captive. Dubbed the 'Saracen' by his enemies Philip has fought all his life to wipe out the slur of his birth. Using his legendary bravery and skills as a warrior he is now in high favoured with the newly crowned Henry II of England. Henry has offered Philip the chance to gain land and a title by marrying Lady Rosawyn Liskard, the daughter of the ailing Earl of Cornwall. There are, of course a few hurdles. Rosawyn and Philip, strangers as they took their vows, marry for very different reasons. Will they be able to overcome betrayal and capture, separation and misunderstanding to finally stand together for their people and for their love? This book has been released previously. It has been re-written, revised and re-edited for release with Total-e-bound.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00