The Place I Belong

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The Place I Belong

Country Roads, #2

"West Virginia girls don't retreat, they reload."

As usual, Inez delivers. I loved Zury's fire and Jonah's slow burn. The interactions between them were great and I appreciated how they were able to set aside their work differences to be friends and more to each other.

I enjoyed how the bits of Spanish from Zury added depth to her character even as I didn't love not knowing what they meant. I admit that putting in the translation would probably have slowed the narrative down, so I'm resigned to the craptastic translations Google gave me. I did adore how Zury comes back with "no hablo ingles" whenever she wants to shut Jonah down. I could just see the frustrated expression on his face.

Inez has a real talent for describing physical intimacy that underscores emotional intimacy in a way I've seen very few authors capable of. Reading between the lines of Jonah's movements and his desires, the vulnerability and emotions are swoon-worthy. His emotional wounds and his journey to heal was well-handled and believable.

However, I got very frustrated with Zury's adamant desire not to see reason. I'm a glass-straw+reusable utensils toting hippie who uses cloth instead of paper towels and I was ready to throw her down a mountain. I was getting to the point where I was coming up with rebuttals for Jonah and mouthing them at the screen in frustration.

I also felt, to a certain extent, that Zury gave up a little too quickly on Jonah. With her drive and fire, I was expecting her to fight a little bit more before throwing in the towel.

In all, a very solid read from Inez. Loved it, can't wait to read Matt's story since, as per usual, I'm going backwards through a series.

Book Blurb for The Place I Belong

Jonah Alcott found his true calling as the PR director of Hawkins Hardwood. He's a master of mediation, but the Black Cherry Canyon project has pushed him to his limit—beautiful but obstinate park manager Zury Castellano crossed a line when she enlisted the help of known eco-terrorists to protect "her" land.

For Zury, the unspoiled, scenic Black Cherry Falls State Park is more than a job—it's the only place she's ever considered home. And she'll stop at nothing to ensure Hawkins Hardwood doesn't touch a single twig in it, even if that means agreeing to spend the weekend with corporate drone Jonah. He might think they're working toward a compromise, but Zury has no intention of backing down.

Infuriating but irresistible, Zury teaches Jonah that the beauty of the mountains can't be bought. But Jonah will need to prove he's on her side—in life and in love—and show her who the real bad guys are, before it's too late…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50