The Notebooks of Madame B : Desire

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The Notebooks of Madame B : Desire

Book 2

Madame B's stories are tasteful, hot, and definitely compelling. I really enjoyed how each story was short enough to not only titillate, but to satisfy  -- all in a compact package. Quick enough to read through on the commute without sacrificing either plot or character. Somewhat of an aside, I appreciated the demure, tasteful cover for that exact purpose.

The stories did not fall into the usual old plot ruts, with each story bringing an unexpected premise, and thus upping the ante. I was somewhat disappointed that the stories didn't stick as closely to the title as I thought they would. The stories would have been immeasurably improved if Madame B had somehow managed to tie in the concept of desire, whether it be the suppressing of desire, fulfillment of desire, or realization of desire... with the plots of the stories. As it was, all I got was a feeling of pretty generic, usual, lusty desire. Not enough to detract from the book itself, but it's a way the book could have been better.

With these hints of the storyteller Madame B could be, I'm looking forward to other books by her, hopefully longer, novel lengths where her prose can shine.

Book Blurb for The Notebooks of Madame B : Desire

Introducing a scintillating new erotica series: Tarcher Sensual Awakenings

Meet Madame B, the extraordinary hostess of an exciting new line of erotica. In these delightful collections of sensuous and, at times, scandalous tales, the mysterious Madame B shares with readers the many wild and sexy escapades women have shared with her. For some reason, women gravitate to Madame B, confiding their innermost feelings-and their most shocking erotic exploits. To protect their privacy (as well as her own), the mysterious Madame prefers to remain anonymous.

In the second book, The Notebooks of Madame B: Desire, women share their most extreme stories of sensual abandon, such as:

*"Going, Going, Gone": A businesswoman sells her body to the highest bidder and is willing to submit to whatever pleasure-or pain-is on offer.

In The Notebooks of Madame B, private indulgences are stripped bare for all to see, proving that the best erotic stories can't remain secret for very long.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75