The Master's Lover

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The Master's Lover

Lyons' approaches the question of homosexuality in a story that is both tender and hot, fusing the two elements into a seamless whole. Lyons, as usual, has a deft hand with weaving in details that bring a story, a culture, a world to life.

Galon's plight is very believable, and I especially enjoy the conflict between King's Law, Mages' Law, and societal expectations. The twist that King's Law allows what they are and what they do throws an interesting spin to things. His desperation, fear, and gradual blossoming under Anzel's tutelage was both well-depicted and moving. I did wonder a bit at one of the premises of the story, where Galon states that he must sate himself as he could, but that was a minor question compared to the whole of the book.

After reading the previous, longer novel and this story, I can't wait to see if Lyons will come out with yet another story set in this universe.

Book Blurb for The Master's Lover

Heat rating: 3 Novas
Genre: Dark Fantasty M/M erotic romance novella
# of pages or word count: 29 pages
Mages' Law states that a Star Mage must reproduce, if he is able. King's Law allows a mage any sexual partners he wishes. The life of a male mage who prefers the company of other men on the sheets is far from easy, but what starts as a hard lesson in survival, ends up as a hard lesson of another sort.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00