The Man in the Black Leather Mask

This was a sizzling hot short by Evangeline Anderson that showcases her at her best.

Jax's relationship with Ryan was a joy to read -- I really liked their banter, the flirting, and their gradual exploration of their love and sexuality.

The sex was hot and definitely there without taking over the plot -- it actually worked really well to both advance and enhance the plot. I thought that Anderson's rendering of Jax's issues were really nuanced and her descriptions of Ryan and Jax's emotions were both believable and moving.

What really worked for me was that Ryan and Jax were both novices to BDSM and the story moves from where they are exploring what they wanted and what they could do within the boundaries of what they thought the other wanted. Jax's worries over her job and where their relationship was going was gripping and Ryan's desperation at Jax's reactions to her worries was absolutely engrossing.

Book Blurb for The Man in the Black Leather Mask

Jacqueline Emerson dreams of a love that is neither gentle nor soft. A high-powered attorney during the day, she fantasizes of nights filled with passionate surrender to a deliciously cruel Master who demands her total submission. Fearing her dark fantasy is sick and twisted, Jacqueline resigns herself to a life of more conventional, vanilla sex.

Until she’s tasked with mentoring a new attorney at her firm, Ryan Cutler.

Ryan is tall, muscular and undeniably desirable. He’s also ten years younger than Jacqueline. But spending Halloween night at the mysterious Club S together leads her to reveal more than she should and soon her forbidden fantasy of rough love sets them both on fire.

Jacqueline is sure once their lust is quenched, she and Ryan can go their separate ways. There are far too many differences between them for a long-term relationship to grow. But she doesn’t count on Ryan falling for her—or on losing her heart to the man in the black leather mask.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00