The Magickers Chronicles : Volume Two

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The Magickers Chronicles : Volume Two

The Dragon Guard / The Gate of Bones

Rife with potential, this story was in reality a bit of a slog to get through. I found the characters incapable of holding my attention and at turns baffled and bemused as to what exactly was going on. 

Granted, I came to this book on the second book, without having read the first one, but that is not the sum of its problems. 

It seem that Drake is attempting to accomplish far too much at once. The language is over burdened with descriptions, the pace is breathtakingly frenetic, and the amount of detail given is enough to send anyone into sensory overload. I will not even go into the topic as to how the use of "magick" as opposed to "magic" is pretentious, irritating, and at best something that is an unpleasant jolt every time it appears in writing. 

No doubt that this would appeal to the younger crowd, however. The school age characters are portrayed realistically and would find sympathizers for their joys and tribulations. If one can overlook the writing and wade through the descriptions to get at the plot, what is there is quite interesting. Also, kudos to Drake for an attempt to bring in magic from other sources than just western mysticism and characters that aren't all Caucasian in origin.. even if the results seem like a hodge-podge at times. 

I will be interested in seeing how the story progresses, although this is definitely not going on my auto-buy list. 

Book Blurb for The Magickers Chronicles : Volume Two

The final two novels of The Magickers series in a single volume
The final battle between the Magickers, who believe in using magic for good, and the Dark Hand, who want to use magic only for their own ends, has begun. Now it's up to Jason Adrian and the other children with "talent" to defeat the forces of darkness.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.00