The Jarl’s Witch

Fun, steamy quick romp. I liked Eileen and Leif - I appreciated that they both tried to do the right thing within the parameters of what they had to work with. There's also a sense of humor about the story that didn't take itself too seriously although I did wish that Eileen and Leif's story was longer. It feels like no sooner than they've met, mated, and then the story's done. I would have liked to see more of Eileen's life after she mated Leif and moved to his village.

Despite that, "The Jarl's Witch" is a great quick pick-me-up and I'm looking forward to picking up another story by the author.

Book Blurb for The Jarl’s Witch


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Never play with potions, magic or a Viking…unless you want to burn.

Eileen should never have made a magic potion for the conniving Ingrid. Preparing the concoction Eileen used for studs in mating season instead of the love potion Ingrid had asked for hadn’t been a very good idea, either. And, instead of using Ingrid’s hair, as she was supposed to when she’d prepared the potion meant to entice Jarl Leif, she’d accidentally used her own. No wonder Eileen’s heart felt as if it skipped a beat when she discovered her mistake. Now, Eileen has a bad feeling her life might be at stake if she doesn’t keep the impressive Viking far away from her enchanted brew.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 3.50